Insignia Incredible India

Insignia Incredible India

7 Hours

$95 Per Person


Small group excursion and Private tours with English speaking guides

 Cochin on 4th May 2024

Mangalore on 5th May 2024

Goa 6th May  2024

Mumbai  7th & 8th May  2024

Taj Mahal overland Tour from Cochin to Goa $1250 per person with 5 star hotels & Flights (small group of 8 ) 

Muziris heritage – India Experiences offers four variety shore excursions in Cochin ,Mangalore ,Goa & Mumbai to fit your lifestyle and your visit to Our country, with these tour itinerary you can experience the lights and sound of Cochin , Mangalore ,Goa , & Mumbai in a short time With our experienced tour guides & We are recognised by India Tourism by Government of India & Accredited by State Government

This tailor made special tour for Oceania Insignia for her Around the world voyage to India enjoy the service of our friendly English speaking guides, committed to ensure your world cruise in India tour runs smoothly in cochin , Mangalore, Goa & Mumbai

This tour includes:
• Air conditioned mini coach and English-speaking Licensed Tour guides
• Pick up and drop off at pier
• Small group tour of the 10 to 12 people

Choose between a private or small-group excursion. You will not have to form your own group and we will be happy to place you with other cruisers from your cruise ship.

Pleased to find 2 option tours For Insignia in each city , There are many guests are repeated their visit to our country and can choose any of the second option 

COCHIN on 4th May – OPTION 1


Backwaters village exploration by hand-punted canoe

This is a visit to a traditional village (an hour’s drive south of Cochin). Since there are no industries here, the village is free from all types of pollution. The main occupation of the villagers is making ropes with coconut fiber, mat weaving with leaves of wild-pineapple, traditional coconut processing, fishing, farming, etc. On this tour, we explore the village with a guide, by boat (small hand-punted canoe) and on foot.

Pickup from Pier at 10.30AM (Ship arrives at 10 AM)

Transfer to nearby village (1 hr)

You will be received at a traditional Kerala house

After refreshments, take a small boat (hand-punted) and go through narrow canals. There are trees lining both sides of the canals, providing cool cover. This is a great opportunity to witness local life on the river banks.

Visit coconut farms, coir villages, spices and herbal farms. Learn about prawn fishing and paddy cultivation, see typical village activities. The guide will familiarize you with agricultural seasons, practices, local crafts and festivals and the daily life in this part of Kerala.

After the cruise, a traditional Sadya will be served. Sadya is a multi-course lunch served during festivals and Hindu weddings. It is served on banana leaves with different curries like dhal (lentils), pappad, ghee, sambar, rasam, kalan, buttermilk, avial, thoran, olan, pachady, kichady, pickles and fries (chips), banana, payasam (sweet pudding) etc. We serve this Sadya to our guests to experience the Kerala cuisine in its original form.

TOUR PRICE $95 per person



Kerala’s network of navigable backwaters stretches to cover a thousand kilometers. These serene waterways are fringed by palm grove and paddy fields and offer a striking spectacle of rustic life. The backwaters act as a vital waterway for the transport of goods, people and their produce are often the only link between isolated villages and crowded towns.

The Allepey district is one of the most popular areas where you can cruise the backwaters. It is also one of the few places in the world where farming is done below sea-level, using a system of dykes.

Tour Description: In this 7-hour tour, we drive to Allepey where we hire a private kettuvallam (traditional houseboat) and go for a day cruise. This tour allows you to see rural Kerala and the famous backwaters of Allepey.

  • 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. – Drive to Allepey and board a traditional Kerala houseboat (private boat). On the way to Allepey you will pass green villages and see rural life in Kerala.
  • 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Houseboat cruise on the beautiful backwaters. Lunch cooked on board the houseboat with local fish/catch of the day.
  • 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 – Drive back to Cochin

TOUR PRICE – $95 pp

Mangalore on 5th May 2024

We will begin with a visit to Kadri Manjunatha Temple, which was built in the 10th/11th century. The Mangalore-style tiled roofs and courtyards are good examples of the traditional temple architecture of the area. The temple has several sacred bathing tanks which people visit before praying.

Next, we will visit a grand modern temple in Kudroli dedicated to Gokarnanatha, founded by the social reformer Sri Narayana Guru who promoted the idea that all people are equal before God. The temple complex is large, showing diverse influences, with many interesting legends displayed. It includes a marriage hall.

After visiting these two very different temples, we will drive through the city centre, seeing daily life in Mangalore. Our next stop is the bustling Central Market wholesale bazaar, where agricultural produce (fruits and vegetables) from the surrounding countryside is brought each day for sale. If you would also like to visit the flower market or the fish market, please let the guide know and they will add it to your tour.

For lunch we will go to a specialty restaurant to taste the famous Mangalore cuisine (you can have either seafood or meat-based or vegetarian lunch, depending on your preference).

After lunch, we will visit Saint Aloysius Chapel, which is a unique instance of Italian art in India. Built by the Jesuits in 1890, the chapel was painted by the Italian Jesuit Antonio Moscheni, and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

We will also visit a cashew processing factory. India is one of the leading producers, processors and exporters of cashews in the world, accounting for 65% of the world’s exports. The factory offers a tour of the sorting, cooking and packing process.

Price $95 pp

GOA on 6th May

Goa local life and Spice plantation 

The tour covers some of the popular tourist must-see’s in Goa, including a heritage walk in the interesting Latin quarter of Panjim. It also includes a visit to a vibrant and colorful traditional bazaar to experience the bustle of daily life in Goa.

Background: Goa was among the most important centres of the ancient and medieval world, trading in calico, spices, precious metals and many other goods. It has been under various Hindu dynasties for most of its history, with a brief period under Muslim rulers. When the Portuguese arrived in Goa, it was under the Muslim Bahmani empire. The Portuguese defeated the Bahmanis and conquered Goa in 1510; thus beginning 450 years of Christian rule. This rule ended when in 1961, the Indian army marched into Goa, and overthrew the Portuguese. These historical events have left their mark on Goa, influencing not only religion and architecture, but also the language, dress, cuisine and lifestyle of Goans. On this tour, you will see not only Goa’s interesting monuments, but also its diverse cultures.

What the tour covers: The tour includes the following:

A drive to the top of a hill for a panoramic view of Goa. Here, our guides will show you the layout of the land, highlighting the rivers, islands, transport systems, and providing an overview of life in Goa.
A visit to the churches of Old Goa, the “Rome of the East”, which was the administrative seat of the Portuguese. We will visit Se Cathedral (the seat of the Archbishop of Goa), and the Basilica of Bom Jesus which contains the body of Saint Francis Xavier, the Jesuit missionary who was canonised in 1622.
A brief walk through the heritage district of Fontainhas – this is a residential area, the Latin quarter of Panjim where the traditional colourful houses of the Catholic and Hindu community are still preserved. Here you will see the original fountain after which the area was named.
Bazaar walk through the bustling Panjim fish and vegetable market – this is a large colourful market where you can see all sorts of interesting things on offer, including household wares, spices, fish, meat, vegetables and many other goods. It’s a great way to see daily life in Goa!
A visit to a Hindu temple to see the local architectural styles and prayer rituals after that we proceeds to Spice plantation tour of Goa and lunch there before heading to pier

Price $95 pp


MUMBAI AS LOCAL 0n 7th May 2024

(9 AM to 3.30 PM)
Explore the unique local culture, industries and people in the frenetic sprawl known as Mumbai, the capital and economic engine of India, on this full day excursion.

09 AM Depart to Depart to Crawford Market (Fruit / Flowers / Vegetable / Pets Market)
Arrive and visit Crawford Market.
Depart to CST station (Victoria Terminus – World Heritage Site).
Arrive at CST station to see the Mumbai local lifeline.
Depart to the Dhobhi Ghat at Colaba (Open air laundry) enroute drive past Marine drive, Nariman Point, Mumbai
University and High Court.
Arrive and visit Dhobhi Ghat and enjoy a photo-stop of the washing place.
Depart to visit Dabawalla.

Arrive and visit Dabawalla.

Depart to Hotel Taj Mahal Hotel (If you wish you can have your lunch here)

Arrive at Hotel Taj Mahal (Time free for lunch on your own)

Walk up to Gateway of India which is just opposite Taj Mahal hotel.

Arrive and visit Gateway of India.

Depart to Churchgate railway station to take a short ride by the local train.

Arrive at Churchgate railway station and take a local train ride till Charni road railway station.

Arrive at Charni road railway station and later depart to Girgaum Iskcon Temple.

Arrive and visit Girgaum Iskcon Temple.
Depart to the ship en-route drive past via Marine Drive.
1545 hrs: Arrive back at the ship.

8th May at Mumbai Elephanta Caves tour (9 AM to 2 pm) 

Begin your Mumbai tour with a pleasant drive from your port toward the Gateway of India, a prominent arch monument. Transfer onto a ferry and enjoy a relaxing cruise to the Elephanta Caves. A professional guide will provide fun facts about the scenic landmarks you see on the way, such as Butcher’s Island, a historic jetty for oil tankers.

As you reach the north point of the coast, Elephanta Island will emerge as a lush green paradise. From there, you’ll walk about a mile to the Elephanta Caves. A cluster of masterfully sculpted caves awaits your exploration.

Marvel at perhaps the greatest example of Indian rock-cut art and architecture dating to the fifth century. The sculptures are noteworthy for their forms, dimensions, alignment, execution, and spiritual themes. Cave 1 is the most prominent sight, with a 23-foot high Sadashiva monument dominating the entrance. The stunning sculpture represents the three aspects of Shiva: Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. All works in the Elephanta Caves are preserved in their natural setting, allowing you to appreciate Western India’s most historic achievement in the field of rock architecture.

After exploring the Elephanta Caves, your guide will lead you on a short walk to the top of the island. Cannon Hill is a verdant setting, ideal for memorable photographs. Afterward, you’ll navigate back to the Gateway of India and enjoy an authentic Indian lunch and beverages at a nearby restaurants ,

The Elephanta Caves are an intricate network of beautifully sculpted caves, six miles east of Mumbai. On this guided Mumbai tour, you’ll witness unbelievable sculptures and understand why The Elephanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Afterward, you’ll drive by noteworthy sights and enjoy an authentic Indian lunch. This unique Mumbai tour is ideal for newcomers to India , We back at pier by 2 pm , Our cruise sail at 5 pm so we back to ship plenty of time before it’s departure 


Small group tour

Licensed tour guides

Lunch at Goa & Cochin

All entrance fees

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